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Worker Rights


The news media will often publish articles about the horrible conditions workers must endure at factories overseas. This is a more than common occurrence, especially in developing nations. If you are considering sending your projects to an overseas company, we strongly recommend checking the quality of the company, not only in their work, but on how they treat their employees.
Part of the purpose of making this website is to assure viewers that at Pacom, we do things the right way. From regularly scheduled internal and external audits, to company planned activities, being employed at Pacom is treated like being part of a big big family.

No Underage Labor

Average Age

Pacom complies with the hiring practices as per local and country laws. We value the importance of not hiring underage labor. Pacom has an average age or 46 years. The youngest person at Pacom is 18 years old and the eldest person is 62.

Health and Safety Education

Industrial Accident Prevention Presentation

On the first of every month, Pacom has a company meeting. At the meeting, employees are updated on the happenings of the company and are greeted by the CEO, KS Kim. Time is also spent introducing special topics related to health and safety. The photo above is from a recent meeting where a presentation on preventing industrial accidents was held.



canteen-teamPacom serves fresh quality hot meals four times a day for all staff at it’s on-site rooftop cafeteria. Meals at the main facility are coordinated by dietician Lee Sugyeong. Kim Yeongha is the preparer of meals and is assisted by Kim Oksun and Go Yeongsuk. The Suam location’s dining facility is maintained by Lee Gija.

Smoking Cessation Program


Pacom provides regularly lectures regarding the dangers of smoking. The example photo above is a recent presentation where workers saw visual effects of breathing capabilities of smokers vs. non smokers. Pacom also has a program where smokers are encouraged to stop smoking in a monthly “Stop Smoking” challenge. Participants have a chance to get monetary rewards if they refrain from smoking over periods of times. In fact, for good measure, they are tested for nicotine to keep the game fair.

Table Tennis Breaks


One of the most popular activities at Pacom is table tennis. Next to the cafeteria, table tennis tables have been set up for workers to play during breaks. Not only is it a way to exercise, we can honestly boast some of the best players in the area.



A very popular sport in South Korea is called footvolley. It is a combination of soccer moves in a volleyball structured game. That pasttime is often played by workers during breaks, but in the past, Pacom has also participated in friendly local competitions as well.

Group Field Trips

Every year in October, Pacom hosts a company wide field trip. The company will closed down for a business work day and all workers come together to do something together. Near the factory, there are quite a few mountainous regions that have scenic and enjoyable hiking trips. Such activities allow members from various departments that might not often get a chance to meet each other, to spend some quality time together.

Pamily The Pacom “Family” Magazine


Since April of 2013, Pacom creates a quarterly magazine for it’s staff. It highlights the accomplishments of Pacom and it’s employees. To see the latest edition of PAMILY, click here

Suggestion Box


At Pacom, the suggestion box is more than just a box. It’s a tool for allowing communications for all members. Everyone is encouraged to provide comments (either by name or anonymously) on how to better the life at the company. Regardless of your position, we have a very “open door” policy regarding this point. In fact, the number of suggestions per department are regularly shown on the company bulletin board and discussed at weekly meetings It is just one way we continue to work towards improving ourselves.