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“Save the Children”


Pacom have worked on a book project for Save the Children since 2011.

About this book

‘Save the Children’ has conducted programs for multicultural families.
The double language program ‘Double language, double joy’ is helping children born in South of Korea between foreign mothers and Korean fathers. By letting them read traditional fairy tales from both countries, they will understand and interact both parents’ countries’ language and culture and grow up healthily
The book of ‘Double language, double joy’ is composed of traditional fairy tales according to age and level of the child.

Designed by Pacom Korea

Pacom Korea chose illustrators, mainly students, to give amateurs an opportunity on 2011 and it took around 8 months to design the book of ‘Double language, double joy’. The books are classified in 4 levels, and each book are produced in Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Mongolian versions and also each language versions consist of different fairy tales for understanding cultural difference. All sets have 6 fairy tales, 1 activity book and 1 guideline book. Thus, the 128 books were designed by Pacom Korea. Pacom Korea focused on developing a practical and useful teaching material, by giving priority to the balance of text and illustration, developmental stages of children and their age, and cultural elements of each country in the designing process.

Special Package

Eight books which consist of 6 fairy tales, 1 activity book and 1 guideline book are packaged in a specially designed box. Because we want children to carry easily and make children feel a sense of accomplishment when they are step up.

One Stop service

Books designed in 2011 have been delivered every quarter to 20 Multicultural Family Support Center at various places all over the country since 2012. Designs are upgraded annually and Pacom offers one-stop integrated solution from planning to final delivery.