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“Peck Peck Peck”


In 2014, Pacom worked on a book project for JY books.


About this book

Peck Peck Peck is a picture book about a baby woodpecker. On the opening page, the bird is learning how to peck a tree. The little guy soon gets carried away and pecks not just through a tree, but also through a hat, a mat, tennis rackets, and a jacket. This book takes readers through an entire house from the front door to the bathroom. They grow more numerous as the woodpecker gets more and more carried away. With the detailed illustrations done in thick, dark lines and rhymes that flow easily.

Carbon Printing

The interesting parts of this book have an invisible dot matrix called carbon printing. When you scan the text or pictures, an optical sensor reads an invisible dot matrix on each page that triggers exiting audio interactions. Especially Pacom Korea concentrated carbon printing part because making sounds of Reader pen clear decided to adjust ink density and dry time.

Book Binding

One of unique features has holes on board cover and there are also small cutout circles on each page. As a baby woodpecker becomes better and better at pecking, there are more and more holes to stick little fingers through.



Going Forward

JY books bought the copyright from Walker Books in London. JY books showed the satisfaction on the making of this book as well as quality. Peck Peck Peck has become popular in Korea. Pacom Korea is in the process of reprinting these books.