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“Funfabulous Vancouver”


Pacom Korea began a new project with Dukedom Music & Publishing.


About this book

Pacom Korea began a new project with Dukedom Music & Publishing. This hard cover book was printed in April of 2014.

Panoramic style

Of particular interest was the books unique size, 330mm x 165mm. The book’s layout was landscape because many of the photos were taken in a panoramic style to highlight the many sights of Vancouver, Canada.


Additionally 16 pages of the book, Each card has perforations to allow the owner to send the card to loved ones.


Being that the postcards needed to qualify for mailing standards and specifications, the paper was required to be in this case, the text pages are 150 gsm gloss art and the postcards are 250 gsm gloss art.

Wide book

This turned out to be a slight challenge as the width was so long that a machine could not be used. Pacom has faced the challenge of needing to produce books manually and therefore they were up to making this special book a reality.


Pacom is well equipped for hand crafted books such as this. Large bindings require not only manpower but also an eye for quality. The plant managers stepped through each step of each book, carefully inspecting the bindings to ensure they would last for a very long time. This is especially the case when various types of paper thickness are used in the binding.

Going Forward

The customer was very pleased with the results. Labors of love. Pacom understands that each book is not just paper and print. It’s so much more when done right.

In 2015, the customer has requested on a reprint of the Cuban version of We look forward to diving into the project.