Social Responsibility


Pacom’s commitment to excellence extends beyond our building walls.  We believe that we should give back to the society and therefore we have taken actions towards serving the social needs in our communities.  It is our hope that we can help contribute towards making a better world for generations to come.



Middle School Visits


Several times a year, Pacom hosts special visit days for middle school children.
Middle schools across Seoul Korea are invited to bring their students on a visit to our company. There, they get learn about the printing industry and how companies run.  This helps them prepare for high school.

The visits were featured on Seoul Broadcasting System’s (SBS) News (See Video)



Government Official Visits


Pacom participates with the Korean government to hold special visitations for government officials. The officials are often mid to high ranking civil servants that are pursuing a career on setting legislative and legal standards and rights for workers and businesses.

By visiting companies like Pacom Korea, they are able to gain a deep understanding of the special requirements of the company and how they are deeply integrated with the community. Often the relationships built can last for decades as these officials will help shape the nation’s future.



Welfare Donations

Since 2007, Pacom has provided monetary donations to welfare facilities. Through these contributions, the facilities help citizens that are in need of financial support.



North Korean Refugee Relocation Program

Pacom takes part of the “North Korean Refugee Relocation Program” that has been developed by South Korea’s Ministry of Unification. As of March 2014, there are over 26,000 North Korean refugees living in South Korea. The refugees face many socio-economic dilemmas as they try to integrate into South Korean culture.

The Ministry of Unification has developed a program where the refugees can enter a “Hanawon”, a government operated institution that house and educate the refugees for 12 weeks. There they receive education, housing, health check-ups, and more. Once they leave the “Hanawon”, they work with resettlement helpers to find permanent housing and employment.

Pacom takes part of this process by employing some of the North Korean refugees for work at our facilities. There they are able to get a fresh start into the South Korean society and find stability in employment and colleagues.


“I am very thankful to have this chance to be in South Korea and to allow my children to grow and choose whatever life they wish in the future. Companies like Pacom have helped make that dream come true.”

Sang Kyu Lot, recent refugee and Pacom employee.