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“The Web Press team”


Proudly introducing, Pacom’s Web Press Team.

Sleepless in Seoul

The web press team has a nickname around the company. They are known as “The team that never sleeps”. That’s because the web press equipment never stops until a project is finished… This dedicated team consists of nine members and they handle the largest and most expensive equipment at Pacom Korea. When the presses are running, it’s a feat to see. Walking into the area you will see electric forklifts skillfully maneuvering huge rolls of paper with such accuracy so as to not slow down the fast moving process. While that is happening, the sorting machines are aligning the “hot off the presses” paper and quickly folding them with precision. From the equipment to the people to the non stop action, this is a state of the art printing system.

It’s about the People


The team starts with “the cute guy” Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee is originally from China. When he first came to Pacom, he spoke very little Korean, so he had to use quite a bit of body language. But after only one year, he has become very familiar and at east with work and life in Korea.
Mr. Choi Eun Hwan is an avid lover of the outdoors. He especially loves the mountains and winter. On his off days, he is looking for someone to go take a hike with (Incidentally, hiking is a hugely popular pastime in Korea. Be sure to ask us if you are ever interested in taking a hike. We can get one of the project managers to go with you!)
Mr. Gu Bon Seong is known for always being kind to his coworkers. He truly believes in team players. He is quite proud and excited these days as his son just entered the Korean Military Academy this year. It’s quite an accomplishment and we do wish his son the best of luck!
Mr. Nam Jin Man is determined to be one of the healthiest members of the team. He commutes to Pacom on his bicycle daily (unless it’s a rainy day), and he has successfully stopped smoking this year! Richard Simmons, look out!
Mr. Yu Chae Hyon is known to be quite the lovebird. His wife just gave birth recently so he is inspired to work very hard for the family.
Mr. Kim Do Won is known for his slender physique. Every is quite jealous of him (myself included) because he is also known for eating unbelievable amounts of food. Yes, Koreans are not too fond of people with high metabolisms… What could be his secret?
Finally there is Mr. Sin Jeong Hak. Mr Hak is the one everyone calls when something is broken. His nickname is “MacGyver” after the beloved US television show (Yes, it came out over in Korea as well and was a big hit here too). It’s a rumor but I heard that one time, when the web press was strangely down, he was able to get it fixed in 5 minutes only using a stick of chewing gum, a nail file from a project manager and Part # 44345 Transistor alternator coupler for Web Presses. Hmm Maybe the chewing gum and nail file wasn’t as important… but still. He really can fix anything.



All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

To make a team work as fluidly as the web press team, it takes a unique bond that goes beyond the company walls. The coworkers go on a group fishing trip every year and they treat each other like family. They share stories about their lives and lean on each other during hard times. It’s an important part of keeping a healthy and strong bond that can accomplish the greatest of successes possible.


We are proud to introduce you to the web press team and we hope you enjoy learning about them as well.