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“Etrave & Schiffe”


In 2009 – 2010, Pacom Korea worked on a book project for French publisher Michel LAFON.


About this book

This hard cover book has two versions, Etraves is the title for the French version and Schiffe is the title for the German version.

Sizing it up

What makes this book so unique is the physical size of the book.
Coming in at 290 mm x 446 mm, this book is towering over many other periodicals.

Expanded layouts

Several of the spreads in the book were gate folds that expanded even greater to show such detail.

Quality first

Creating oversized books is a specialty of Pacom Korea. Often most binders do not have the skill to consistently make such a book. Going with the a binding company that does not have the experience can result in a book block that collapses over time or even during the process of making the book.


Other than the folding, everything on the book’s binding process was a manual process. Collation, sewing, book blocking, book casing was all done manually and with a meticulousness that only companies like Pacom can provide.
As can be expected the time it took to produce the book in quantity was longer than a typical book production but that is the necessary method to having a quality finished product.


Color Matching

The beautiful colors and rich content within the book required that color be concise and spot on. Six different pantone colors were used to each signature and a screen print of Agfa Sublima 240lpi, that combines the merits of both AM and FM screening. Generally most books require a line print of 175 with AM screening only, but this book had special requirements. Thanks to using this solution, the highlights became fresh looking and the shadows became richer but more elaborate.

Prepress’s capabilities

Quite a bit time was spent researching critical issues with consistent printing on such large images. Banding projects were a potential and therefore the Prepress team took great care to make several plate tests to resolve this issue.

It was a pleasure to work on this project and have the chance to show our capabilities in the area of oversized book production. It’s a challenging process and one that we accept with pride.