Environmental Responsibility

Pacom recognizes the need to be good citizens to the world. Pacom continues to develop programs that focus on factory quality, efficiency and conservation. As these programs are launched, we continue to monitor their progress, and make adjustments when possible to strive for the best possible outcome.

Green Management Policy


We strive to minimize our environmental footprint where we work. For Pacom, it starts with the declaration of our Green Management Policy:


  • Abide by Korean and international environment laws and regulations.
  • Implement education and training to our staff to ensure company wide understanding of environmental protection.
  • Continue to reduce paper waste on printing projects and ensure recycle programs are at maximum capabilities.
  • Increase our performance and efficient to help minimize the environmental load.
  • Make continued efforts to conserve and manage resources and energy throughout our locations.
  • Communicate with partner firms to implement green management policies.
  • Work with shipping partners to improve shipping efficiencies in order to reduce our overall noise and greenhouse gas footprint.
  • Share our green management efforts and the results to the public.


Paper Sustainability[FSC™ C023083]

Pacom takes the issue of sustainable paper very seriously. Since 2008, Pacom has been certified in the FSC Chain of Custody program. Information regarding the Chain of Custody certificate is available on the FSC organization website.

As stated from the website: “Between the forest and the final consumer, forest products may undergo many stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution. FSC Chain of Custody certification verifies that FSC certified material is identified or kept segregated from non-certified or non-controlled material through this chain. Mixing of FSC certified and non-certified products must be done under controlled procedures that meet the FSC Chain of Custody requirements.”

View FSC (COC) Certificate


Efficient Print Areas


For each print run, the production team determines the optimal method to print the project with the least amount of paper waste. Depending on the print size and quantity, paper is calculated and often custom paper sizes must be ordered to make it as efficient as possible. This not only helps reduce overall production costs, it saves on waste when the print job is trimmed to size.

Paper Recycling Program



Pacom’s factory ceiling is set with large pipes. Paper trimmings during a production run is automatically pulled by high power vacuums and funneled into a repurposing staging area. The paper is compacted and wrapped for delivery to a recycling company. By doing this process we ensure the maximum amount of paper used for a project is consumed or re-purposed.

Chemistry Free Thermal CTP Plate


Pacom uses the Agfa Azura TS plate making system for our presses. Unlike conventional plate making systems, the Azura TS system does not require chemicals for the process. No water is required for the washing section which results in water savings as well. Waste treatment is lowered significantly.

Quick Dry Printing


Pacom works with Agfa on practicing a “Quick Dry” printing process. By doing so, the results are reduced printing accidents, reduce waste paper, less ink requirements, and longer roller life.

Switch to LED lights


In 2012, Pacom switched to LED lights throughout the building. By doing so, we have contributed in decreasing carbon dioxide emissions. We also realized reduced costs in our daily energy usage.

Rooftop Garden


Pacom’s cafeteria is located on the roof of the factory building. As employees congregate for meals, they are welcomed by a rooftop garden. Last year, Pacom has developed a rooftop landscape to plant grass and trees. It helps to contribute to clean air and provides employee with a break space. It also has energy-saving effects, as it helps in controlling the humidity as well as reduceing heating and cooling energy cost.

Electricity Peak Consumption Control Equipments


Pacom Korea has installed Electricity Peak Consumption Control equipment. This system is designed to constantly monitor the amount of electricity and automatically cut off selective electricity when it exceeds the specified amount of usage decided upon by the administration.

Air Compressors

Pacom Korea has installed air compressors and by utilizing this equipment, we reduce the electricity consumption and simplify processes by using air instead of electricity for key parts of the printing process.