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We can talk all we want about how advanced Pacom is in the realms of printing and binding; it is always more effective to have people other than yourself talk about your aptitude. Throughout the course of Pacom’s existence, we have connected with clients located all over the globe. Their testimonials provide us with validation that we are doing things the right way, as well as feedback in how we can raise our game to another level. Below are a few messages from our clients over the years.

<The Highway Post Cards>

Advances of the postcards arrived.
Every time I receive printer advances, I say "I hope I like them" (because if not, my life gets complicated), so it is very nice to receive Pacoms work and absolutely love it. Such gorgeous printing. Swoon.
- University of Florida (Dec 5, 2022)

– Jerry Greer, Mountain Trail Press

My copy of the book arrived today. it is beautiful. Really really nice printing, binding, everything. I flipped through but will spend more time with it in the next days .
Pacom did a fantastic job. Please send them my thanks for their fine work. i hope to work with them and you again in the future. You.ve been an asset to the project and a pleasure to work with.
- Nov 16, 2022

< Grand Ole Opry 90th Anniversary Book>

The advance copies of Grand Ole Opry FAMILY ALBUM: 97th Anniversary arrived today.
They look great; better than editions of the same book printed with a previous printer.
Our appreciation to the printing plant team.
- Grandin Hood Publishers (October 18, 2022)


So far, your production team has done everything promised and performed beautifully.
My compliments for your degree of commitment and professionalism all up and down the line.

<Gardens, Art, and Commerce in Chinese Woodblock Prints>

The Chinese Woodblock book you printed for us won a significant award, actually 2.
It won best overall book and best art book at PubWest (Publishers West.)
They take submissions from all over the US and is an organization for publishers.
Thank you for your very good work!

– Wess K. Stafford President

” What a masterpiece you have produced.
Thank you for your hard work and commitment to excellence! How right that this wonderful book should be printed in South Korea, the very roots of Compassion. On behalf of the children and a very grateful ministry.
Thank you! ”

– John, Lila

“The advances for Spaceships and Snapshots of Projects Mercury and Gemini are approved. I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful these books look. Please give our praise to everyone involved” – Lila
“we just received the Moonshots & Spaceshots in the warehouse. They look fantastic. The pallets, pallet tags, cartons and books are great” – John

– Philip

“I am very pleased with the quality of Pacom’s work. EVERYONE is very impressed. I’m also delighted to be able to obtain the books at such a reasonable price and so reliably on schedule. There will be more orders coming from me.”

– Scott Millard

“I got my samples yesterday and they are excellent! Noticeably better than the original printing with overall brighter colors on cover and interior. I already sent a couple of copies on to Coachella. I’m sure they will be pleased as well. Thanks to you, Jay and Sabra for a fast, painless process that came out outstanding.”

– Rick Cook

“I am pleased to recommend Pacom KOREA (Pacifica Communications) as an overseas printer/binder. I think the first book we did with them was in 2000 and we have used them consistently without hesitation since then.
Their sales person, Petrice Beard, and my contact, Ceceile Caronna are very responsive, very cooperative, and very concerned about the quality of the books they print. They are both always on top of the project. Cecile Caronna is one of the best CSRs I have ever worked with and can always be reached on the spur of the moment.
The quality we have received from Pacom KOREA has always been top notch. Their schedules are the best I have seen with overseas printers. We have a book with them now that will be completed in about three months from files to the printer to books in our warehouse. Their costs are almost always among the lowest.”

– Jennifer Norton

“While I have only been working with Pacom Korea, Inc. for the past year, I have been very pleased with the quality of their work, their responsiveness to queries and concerns, and their schedules. They offer excellent customer service and have acted as a true partner in the production of our books.”

– Brian King

“We have worked with Pacom for a good number of years, and the results have always been excellent. In addition to the quality of the printing, its customer service is superb as well, always professional, prompt, and responsive.
I can, without reservation, recommend this company and its representatives.”

– Shearson Publishing

“I just want to thank you for the great job on the corporate calendar shipment. Everything looks just terrific and the cartons were all well marked and the pallets perfectly organized. So thanks for the attention to detail. I really appreciate it!”

– Randy

“The calendars arrived earlier this week and they look great! Nice job on packing also.”

– Ardith R. Bradshaw, Executive Publisher Books a la Carte Cookbook division of Publishing Resources Group, Inc.

“MY VERY HAPPY customer left me a message saying that her 300 books have arrived and she is thrilled with them! She wanted a “twin” to her first book and we managed to achieve that for her. I cannot thank you enough for all you, and your people, did to pull us out of the fire on this book. The turnaround time, and apparently the quality, have resulted in my being able to keep a satisfied publisher on my list. Kudos to all involved and I look forward to working with you on lots of future projects.”

<Carmel Books>

“We may get two more different titles from the City of Carmel because of it. Pacom does an outstanding job with high quality standards and we appreciate that very much. You will hear more about our next book to you in the first week of January. The Slidell book is being proofed by our client this week.
Merry Christmas to you, all at Pacom.”
– Jacques

– Debbie Hampton, John F. Blair Publisher

“We got our advance copies today. THEY LOOK FANTASTIC. You all do such great work. And the process is always smooth as silk. Please pass my thanks on to those who were involved.”

<Art of Wealth>

“We received the FedEx shipment today and the books look great! Don’t you think? All the extra effort on the part of Team Creation and the pressman, was worth it. The client has seen the books and is very happy too. The author will see it tomorrow, she is the most difficult to please, and I’ll let you know how that turns out, but should be good too.
Thanks so much.”
– Charley Allen

<Memphis Yacht Club>

“Again an outstanding job, please pass on our sincere appreciation for the superior work your plant does for us. Memphis Yacht Club arrived in our warehouse in Memphis on Wednesday April 4 and the Slidell shipment was delivered in Slidell on 4/5. Both books have been well received by our customers and will make final payments on these produce no later than 30 day from delivery.”
– Jacques Verhaak

– Helene Chan-Ok, Charbonnier-Editions Chan-Ok

“First of all, my sincere congratulations for the presentation and the effort made to pack so nicely, with a lot of care.
It was like receiving a gift when opening. Then, how can I say, each title is perfect! There is nothing to say but only the result is exactly what I expected. You have done a very good job, managed perfectly and of course very well in time. Your collaboration is a huge part of my success here in France, and is part of my aim to promote Korean culture in France to French readership, moreover recognized when books are high quality printed.”

– Uzyel

“We are very pleased with the book Fondo y Figura.
The printing is as close as it gets to the color proves. The artist just loved it.”

– Anton Riecher, Editor, Industrial Fire World

“We received 200 copies of the most beautiful book ever executed by the master printers of South Korea.
They look great. I am so grateful for your guidance and patience in dealing with us first-times. Thanks again.”

<Good Night Our World>

“I wanted to thank you and everyone at your company for doing such a great job with the 1858 map book.
It arrived today and looks great. The print and production work really is top notch. I am especially grateful for all your work in coordinating the project, including the fact that we got it done in time for our charitable event next Wednesday.”
– Adam Gamble

<California Camera Books>

“The California Camera books arrived today. And the advance copies look terrific. We are very pleased with the complete package. The paper, the printing, binding and overall presentation. Please thank all your staff for their hard work. We greatly appreciate all the care and attention Sung In Printing gives to Windgate titles.”
– Windgate Press

– Lynn M. Whitbeck, VP Programs and Implementation Structure IT Worldwide

“Okay, this is the kind of email I would like to receive every hour! We did good.
Thanks for all your help on this and keeping Van with the program. Really great product. Can’t wait for you to see it.”