From the desk of our CEO…

Pacom, which began as a small print shop nearly a hundred years ago, has today become the number one printing exporter in Korea.  Taking the spirit of the world’s first printed book by movable metal type, the “Jikjisimgyeong”, to heart, Pacom has always strived to innovate and challenge itself, and has prided itself on always being “first” and “best”.  A priceless tradition, the dedication of a master craftsman, exceptional technical expertise and our consummate customer service mindset are the ingredients of Pacom’s professionalism, which has made Pacom what it is today.

All printing products contain sweat, effort, dreams and hope.  Thus, Pacom believes that printed products are not simply a recording of facts, but part of a grand story that each and every customer is collaborating on.  As we have always done, Pacom promises to maintain the mindset that we are printing the customer’s dreams and hopes onto each and every page.  We will constantly strive to communicate and connect with our customers, and bring the best quality and service whenever, wherever.

Pacom, as a leading force in the digitalization of the printing industry, also promises to continue to innovate, and create new values for a developing and changing industry of the future. Furthermore, Pacom seeks to make a contribution to human culture as a whole.

“We are sincerely grateful for all of your interest and support over the past years, and look forward to meeting your great story in the near future.”
Kyong Su Kim, CEO