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Inline Cold Foil

“Inline Cold Foil”


A Cooler Way To Print.


Cold Foil

Cold foil technology of a new dimension in design and quality of foil printing without the disadvantages of hot-foil stamping such as separate offline process.

ROLAND 700 Evolution

Our Manroland sheet-fed press ‘ROLAND 700 Evolution’ has so many advanced features to add value to high-quality color printing, packaging and label print. With UV-offset printing, this new machine convinces us to further expand our printing operations on all types of fl exible packaging. The ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION not only gives us more scope in the packaging sector but will strengthen our existing business of printing books, magazines and catalogues.

Inline Cold Foiler Sample Book

All pages were printed via the following process: foil > 4-color > fullpage matte OPP coating > Epoxy treatment.
Art paper was used, as well as UV printing.
To produce a wide variety of samples, some pieces have a detailed area for foils; others have wide areas.
Some pieces have had their color strength modified, and some others utilize gradation.
Epoxy treatment also varies for each piece.

Make Faces

“Make Faces”


In 2014, Pacom Korea was involved in producing a wonderful children’s activity books:

Cover 1920*867

About this book

Make Faces is a book that contains fifty-two images of everyday and unexpected objects provide the perfect canvases for creating funny, quirky, and completely original faces. Just add eyes, noses, mouths, ears, hair, and more from 6 vinyl sticker sheets packed with expressive features and other amusing accessories. Give a sunny-side up egg zipped lips, add a moustache, and mix and match eyes and brows. Make the moon (and a dumpling and a baseball) happy, or sad, or mad. And don’t stop there-doodle and add speech bubbles to complete the characters. It’s the ultimate face book!

Pacom’s Involvment


Pacom has participated in the Tokyo International Book Fair (TIBF) since 2007. It was at this book fair that Pacom came to know Dainippon, a printing company from Japan. In 2014, Dainippon was working with publisher Chronicle Books to develop a new book called Make Faces.

Dainippon chose to work with Pacom Korea, Inc., because of Pacom’s recognition as have one of the largest twin wire-o binderies in Asia. Their recognition of quality production made the two companies a strong match to produce this book.


Safety First

Chronicle Books saw the advantage of using Pacom’s patented clinching wire edge process for the wire-o binding. By clinching the edge, the edge of the wire-o is not a sharp point, something that is important when producing a book that is meant for children to play with.


Safety Throughout

Being that the book is meant for children, Pacom and Dainippon both ensured that the book met requirements and conforms to ASTM F963, EN-71, and CPSIA 2008 safety standards.


Book Binding Challenges

A very unique feature of the book was the square back of the book binding. In order to make the back of the book flat but keep the dimensions of the book the same, it required that Pacom to come up with a process to glue the cover of the book and attach it to the wire-o. This took quite a while to perfect this process as initial attempts caused the folded portion to not stay together. In the end, Pacom was able to find a technique that allowed for consistent quality on the glued edge which resulted in a quality finish end.

Paper Specifications

Paper Specifications

Being that this book was an activity book where children could draw faces required that the paper be printed with clear colors and yet keep the ability to draw on it as easy as possible. Therefore, the book was printed using uncoated paper stock and a water-based glossy varnish not only to enhance the color but also to prevent set-off.




Along with being able to draw, six sheets of stickers come with the book allowing children to add cute stickers to enhance their drawings. The pages and sticker sheets, although different media, would bind easily on the wire-o configuration.

Going Forward

tupera and tupera

Authors Tupera Tupera are Tatsuya Kameyama and Atsuko Nakagawa, illustrators and designers based in Japan. They are also the author and illustrator of Polar Bear’s Underwear. Tupera Tupera as well as Chronicle Books showed their satisfaction on the making of this book. Discussions on making the Japanese version reprint of this book are in the works. We hope to have a long lasting relationship with them as well as Dainippon.

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