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Honolulu Fashion Week

“Honolulu Fashion Week”


Pacom began a new project with Watermark Publishing in 2015.

About Honolulu Fashion Week

HONOLULU Magazine has launched Honolulu Fashion Week in 2014.
HONOLULU Fashion Week presented by Hawaiian Airlines has showcased high fashion and design in Hawai‘i. HONOLULU Fashion Week has been to bring together some of the state’s top fashion and accessory designers, as well as other nationally and internationally renowned designers.

Pacom’s Involvement

HONOLULU Fashion Week was first book to be published in 2015. Trendy color and high photography within the book required. So the pantone orange color throughout the book were used on text. Pacom was more careful to match the color for runway and models photo shoot.

Gold foil stamping with Debossing

A beautiful part of this book has Scuff-free Velvet Matte Flim lamination.
Scuff-free Velvet Matte Flim lamination makes this book feel soft touch and become more resistant to scratches compared to other coating such as film lamination. The cover also features gloss foil stamping with debossing.


In order to promote the Honolulu fashion week book, the client wanted to make slipcase in the limited quantities. In comparison to the book, the concept of slipcase was clean and simple. Pacom applied the Scuff-free Velvet Matte Flim lamination with glossy gold foil stamping only. And the slipcase is opened on the left side so that the spine shows.

Going forward

The customer was very satisfied with the quality and sent us thanks for hard working and detail advice for production.

Since the project of HONOLULU Fashion Week, Watermark Publishing became a royal customer of Pacom.
So far, 4 projects had completed and the customer has requested the another projects.

Peck Peck Peck

“Peck Peck Peck”


In 2014, Pacom worked on a book project for JY books.


About this book

Peck Peck Peck is a picture book about a baby woodpecker. On the opening page, the bird is learning how to peck a tree. The little guy soon gets carried away and pecks not just through a tree, but also through a hat, a mat, tennis rackets, and a jacket. This book takes readers through an entire house from the front door to the bathroom. They grow more numerous as the woodpecker gets more and more carried away. With the detailed illustrations done in thick, dark lines and rhymes that flow easily.

Carbon Printing

The interesting parts of this book have an invisible dot matrix called carbon printing. When you scan the text or pictures, an optical sensor reads an invisible dot matrix on each page that triggers exiting audio interactions. Especially Pacom Korea concentrated carbon printing part because making sounds of Reader pen clear decided to adjust ink density and dry time.

Book Binding

One of unique features has holes on board cover and there are also small cutout circles on each page. As a baby woodpecker becomes better and better at pecking, there are more and more holes to stick little fingers through.



Going Forward

JY books bought the copyright from Walker Books in London. JY books showed the satisfaction on the making of this book as well as quality. Peck Peck Peck has become popular in Korea. Pacom Korea is in the process of reprinting these books.

Funfabulous Vancouver

“Funfabulous Vancouver”


Pacom Korea began a new project with Dukedom Music & Publishing.


About this book

Pacom Korea began a new project with Dukedom Music & Publishing. This hard cover book was printed in April of 2014.

Panoramic style

Of particular interest was the books unique size, 330mm x 165mm. The book’s layout was landscape because many of the photos were taken in a panoramic style to highlight the many sights of Vancouver, Canada.


Additionally 16 pages of the book, Each card has perforations to allow the owner to send the card to loved ones.


Being that the postcards needed to qualify for mailing standards and specifications, the paper was required to be in this case, the text pages are 150 gsm gloss art and the postcards are 250 gsm gloss art.

Wide book

This turned out to be a slight challenge as the width was so long that a machine could not be used. Pacom has faced the challenge of needing to produce books manually and therefore they were up to making this special book a reality.


Pacom is well equipped for hand crafted books such as this. Large bindings require not only manpower but also an eye for quality. The plant managers stepped through each step of each book, carefully inspecting the bindings to ensure they would last for a very long time. This is especially the case when various types of paper thickness are used in the binding.

Going Forward

The customer was very pleased with the results. Labors of love. Pacom understands that each book is not just paper and print. It’s so much more when done right.

In 2015, the customer has requested on a reprint of the Cuban version of We look forward to diving into the project.

Etrave & Schiffe

“Etrave & Schiffe”


In 2009 – 2010, Pacom Korea worked on a book project for French publisher Michel LAFON.


About this book

This hard cover book has two versions, Etraves is the title for the French version and Schiffe is the title for the German version.

Sizing it up

What makes this book so unique is the physical size of the book.
Coming in at 290 mm x 446 mm, this book is towering over many other periodicals.

Expanded layouts

Several of the spreads in the book were gate folds that expanded even greater to show such detail.

Quality first

Creating oversized books is a specialty of Pacom Korea. Often most binders do not have the skill to consistently make such a book. Going with the a binding company that does not have the experience can result in a book block that collapses over time or even during the process of making the book.


Other than the folding, everything on the book’s binding process was a manual process. Collation, sewing, book blocking, book casing was all done manually and with a meticulousness that only companies like Pacom can provide.
As can be expected the time it took to produce the book in quantity was longer than a typical book production but that is the necessary method to having a quality finished product.


Color Matching

The beautiful colors and rich content within the book required that color be concise and spot on. Six different pantone colors were used to each signature and a screen print of Agfa Sublima 240lpi, that combines the merits of both AM and FM screening. Generally most books require a line print of 175 with AM screening only, but this book had special requirements. Thanks to using this solution, the highlights became fresh looking and the shadows became richer but more elaborate.

Prepress’s capabilities

Quite a bit time was spent researching critical issues with consistent printing on such large images. Banding projects were a potential and therefore the Prepress team took great care to make several plate tests to resolve this issue.

It was a pleasure to work on this project and have the chance to show our capabilities in the area of oversized book production. It’s a challenging process and one that we accept with pride.

Circumstance by Formento & Formento

Circumstance by Formento & Formento


In 2013, French publishers, Yellowkorner began a very special book project with Pacom:

Formento and Formento

Formento & Formento.

Formento & Formento is a husband and wife team: BJ and Richeille Formento. They specialize in very high end art quality photography that has been said to have a style similar to “David Lynch and Hopperesque landscapes”. For them, this was their first book to be published and by working with Yellowkorner, they were planning something very special.

In terms of books projects, this was definitely not your ordinary project; Circumstance is a book that has very unique characteristics. It required Yellowkorner to find a printer that could provide tight quality control and a strict attention to detail.

The main hurdle on producing the book was with regards to the book’s size, specifically, 395mm in width.


What that meant is the book required a binding size that well exceeds the maximum bindery size of most binding manufacturing systems. Most facilities have maximum collating size of 320mm wide, book binding of 305mm wide, and automatic sewing machines of 320mm wide.


The book contains high quality photographs taken by Formento and Formento. The size and number of pages of this photography book, meant there was a need for a solid binding, something that could last for ages. The size of the book made this feat to seem impossible for most printers to produce. In fact, the size of the book is larger than the machinery at Pacom as well, however after much research and careful consideration, Pacom was chosen as the printer and binder to take on this project.

book-endThe solution was perhaps in some ways seemingly simple but yet in today’s world of machinery, quite unusual. Pacom decided they must do most of the processes by hand. From collating to sewing, to binding, to casing, each book went through a very intensive manual labor process.

To make a book, to keep a high level of consistency, and even more so, a book of this size and weight, it requires a special focus on the way it is bound. The binding is so incredibly solid. (Normally hard cover books we normally don’t paste the back of the book block to the spine. but we pasted to the spine. normally we did not doing this because it limits the books ability to open, but because of the width of the book it opens well and still holds very sturdy.)

Even the special casing that the book comes in was hand made.

60 signatures in all. 2300 books were created. And the results were extraordinary.

“This book was very well done and many people love this book”

Inspecting each book in a row, it would be hard to see differences in the production. That is, with one exception: as is the case with all YellowKorner books, Circumstance was to be a limited signed edition. Therefore Bj AND Richeille Formento came to the Pacom factory during printing and personally signed and numbered each front page of all 2300 books. This was a project of love.

book-with-caseThe slip case, is a wonderful piece all by itself. The client stressed that the cover material be of a very special color. Therefore, Pacom worked very closely with the Korean paper company, Dong-A, to specially custom order the cover material to match the sample perfectly.

The case also features metallic foil stamping by General Roll Leaf, a United States foil company. Pacom’s ability to locate the right sources worldwide was important in this situation.

For Formento and Formento, it was their first trip to Korea. Being that this was their first published book, they wanted to be very careful about the ink densities. Standard line screen is 175lpi, but Circumstance was printed at 200lpi. Also, black density was increased from 1.8 to 2.3. In order to be careful that the ink would not setoff, printed sheets were stacked much lower after printing to dry. (Printing was not that difficult but we had to increase the ink density from 1.8 to black density of 2.3 to 2.4. We had to pay much attention to the setoff (rubbing of ink). That was the main issue of the binding because the ink density was so strong.)

Custom paper was order due to the size characteristics. Pacom continued to work towards paper savings and cost savings while keeping the quality top notch.

They spent five days for the press check, and by the last day, they were only half way through. They left a bit concerned that the color matching might falter, but later after seeing the final book commented how impressed they were with the job the pressman did without them there.

Shipping: the weight of the book was such that only two copies would be put in each case. With the main book went to France, 150 went to the photographer in Massachusetts.


Reviews were tremendous, both from the publisher and photographer, and their clients as well. For Pacom, finding the solutions for all of the technical hurdles made this a very memorable and satisfying project.

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