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PACOM Client Interview

“PACOM Client Interview”


Q1. Please briefly introduce yourself. (Name, country, organization, position, etc.) 

Laurent Bourgeois, FOT printing company (in France), we are specialized in printing catalogs and magazines for luxury brands.


Q2. You’ve come to Korea through the difficulty of a pandemic. Was the entry process difficult?

The administrative procedures were complicated, but Yu Bum helped us a lot, and if we managed to come to Korea it’s thanks to him (Thank you Yu Bum)


Q3. What is the current project that requires your presence?

The printing of Louis Vuitton’s magazine for the copies destined for Asia


Q4. What is the most vital point of the ongoing project? 

Quality and meeting deadlines


Q5. There must be printing and binding companies closer to France. Was there a reason that you selected PACOM? 

we market the principle of printing where we deliver to reduce transportation time, we print in France the copies delivered in Europe, USA, Middle East, and we print with Pacom the copies delivered in Asia


Q6. Is there a particular point of the bookmaking process that you feel is most important? Or a particular detail that you feel gets missed by many? 

the quantity, the respect of the colors validated on machine (the global quality)


Q7. How was the PACOM facility? 

very good 


Q8. Do you have any words of advice or encouragement for PACOM? 

congratulations on your work and organization, it is always a pleasure to work with you. 

maybe one day the hot stamping in-house!

Inline Cold Foil

“Inline Cold Foil”


A Cooler Way To Print.


Cold Foil

Cold foil technology of a new dimension in design and quality of foil printing without the disadvantages of hot-foil stamping such as separate offline process.

ROLAND 700 Evolution

Our Manroland sheet-fed press ‘ROLAND 700 Evolution’ has so many advanced features to add value to high-quality color printing, packaging and label print. With UV-offset printing, this new machine convinces us to further expand our printing operations on all types of fl exible packaging. The ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION not only gives us more scope in the packaging sector but will strengthen our existing business of printing books, magazines and catalogues.

Inline Cold Foiler Sample Book

All pages were printed via the following process: foil > 4-color > fullpage matte OPP coating > Epoxy treatment.
Art paper was used, as well as UV printing.
To produce a wide variety of samples, some pieces have a detailed area for foils; others have wide areas.
Some pieces have had their color strength modified, and some others utilize gradation.
Epoxy treatment also varies for each piece.

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