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“May Angels Surround You Always”


In 2014, Pacom worked with Anne Neilson on a special project:


The Angel Series Boxed Note Card Set

Anne Neilson is nationally known for her Angel Series paintings and has captured the interest of discerning art collectors. Her works hang in both public and private collections across the country. Anne currently resides in North Carolina, USA.


The Angels Series

In October 2012 Neilson self-published Angels in Our Mist. This beautiful art book shares inspiration and personal stories behind her Angel Series Paintings. Neilson will release her second book, Strokes of Compassion at the end of 2014.

Pacom’s Involvement

Anne Neilson has been working with Pacom Korea, Inc to produce these books as well as a very special boxed note card set. This box set continues to develop the Angel series and makes a unique gift and keepsake item for loved ones.

The Box Set

The Angels Notecard and Box contains 4 card designs, 24 cards in total. The cards and matching envelopes are placed in a custom designed keepsake box.

Paper Sourcing


A strong texture cloth material was selected for the box itself. This came from the respected paper supplier, Dong-A (South Korea)

The Envelope


Anne wanted a unique envelope flap, something that might seem unassuming at first, but this proved to be a somewhat difficult task. Normally envelope flaps are round and/or short. To produce the extended flap required a bit of rethinking on how to precisely cut the edge.



The front, top and bottom contain embossing to accentuate the detail of the casing.

Keepsake quality


Knowing that people would use the box for years to put special keepsake items, the box has a magnet embedded to keep it snapped closed.

Looking Forward


The boxed note card set has been well received and Anne continues to work with Pacom Korea on future projects. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to such projects that bring art and creativity to life.