If you can’t hear the sound of the Notch Binding machine, then it must be a holiday at Pacom. Otherwise, when they line up shoulder to shoulder, they make one of the longest teams at Pacom.

Mr. Jung Dae-Sung is Section Chief. You can recognize him even from far away because of his colorful hair. He’s known for always take care his staff well. It’s a tight team, they work together in unison. In fact, we asked each person for a small interesting piece of information. Here’s what we found out:

Mr. Lee Sun-Jae, Deputy Section Chief, is famous for his diligence, not only at work, but home as well.
Mr. Wan-Su Kim, Deputy Section Chief, as half of a working married couple, sets an example for excellent housework.
Mr. Joo-il Kim, Chief of Machines, is always repairing machines.
Mr. Yun-il Jo is the proud father of his son who just married.
Mr. Suk-bong Han is known for his calligraphy and handwriting abilities.
Mr. Lee Hwa-Ryong is not originally from South Korea.
Mr. Chan-Sung Jung is always neat with short hair.
Ms. Yun-Sun Jung is beautiful like her name.
Ms. Hye-Ja Kim always smiles bright and has a positive nature.
Mr. Sun-Wol Huh is always treating beverages to other coworkers during break time.
Ms. Chan-ok Jung is famous for her powerful laugh.
Ms. Se-ju Yang enjoys climbing mountains with her husband during holidays.

Everyone in this team works hard and they also love to join group activities with Mr. Jung Dae-Sung, Section Chief, in the lead.

This is the Notch Binding Team. Go Team Notch!!