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Technology Above and Beyond Printing


Pacom is more than just a printing company. In 2007, Pacom established one of the largest wire-O bindery factories in South Korea. This allows us to handle such projects all in-house, allowing for the best quality control and capabilities.

The end result is a simple truth: Very few printing companies in the world can promote an equipment list as deep as ours.

Click on the tabs below to view the various equipment lists, or download the equipment list to view offline.


 Pre-Press Equipment
(3TB, 10M-100M)
CMS (Color Management System)
X-Rite Automation Color Calibration Chart ReaderX-Rite Automation Color Calibration Chart Reader
xrite-plate-scopeX-Rite (GretagMacbeth) Plate Scope
gmg_softwaregmg Color Server
gmg Color Proof
gmg Proof Control
gmg InkOptimizer (Ink Saving System)
gmg rapidCheck
gmg printControl
Color Separation
Hell DC 3900 Series Color Scanner
(Max Input: 510 x 650 mm, Max Output: 750 x 1100 mm)
Computer System
Power Macintosh G4
Power Macintosh G5
Server Helios Unix 7TB
Output System
Agfa AvanxisAGFA Avanxis VIII with ApogeeX Film Recorder
(Max Size: 1120 x 810mm)
(Mac: CS6 | PC: 13.0)
(Mac: CS6 | PC: 10.0)
Quark Xpress
(Mac: 9.0 | PC: 6.0, 7.0)
(Mac: CS6 | PC: 5.0)
(Mac: 8.0 | PC: 8.0)
RIP (Raster Image Processer)
Plate & Proofing
AGFA Avalon N8 50
AGFA Avalon N8 60
AGFA Rapiline
HP-Z-2300HP Z3200 InkJet Plotter 12 Color
(44 Inch)
Barobon2Barobon Gumming Machine
Young-Hwa-PlateYoung-Hwa Plate Exposure machine
Printing Equipment   
Sheet Fed PressColorMax Printable Size
Heidelberg Speedmaster Excel XL 105-8Heidelberg EXCEL XL105-88C730 x 1040mm
Heidelberg Speedmaster Excel XL 105-5Heidelberg Speedmaster EXCEL XL 105-55C740 x 1040mm
Roland R705-3BRoland R705-3B 5C720 x 1030mm
Heidelberg Speedmaster EXCEL XL 105-4Heidelberg Speedmaster EXCEL XL 105-44C740 x 1040mm
Roland R706 3BRoland R706-3B 6C720 x 1030mm
Roland R705 + AQRoland R705 (+ AQ unit) 5C770 x 1030mm
Heidelberg Speedmaster EXCEL XL 105-4Heidelberg Speedmaster EXCEL XL 105-4 4C740 x 1040mm
Web PressColor
Heidelberg Web M-600Heidelberg Web M-600 4/4
Heidelberg Web M-600Heidelberg Web M-600 4/4
Binding Equipment   
Polar Computerized Cutters 115 EMC, 137 EMCPolar Computerized Cutters 115 EMC, 137 EMC
HEIDELBERG Stahlfolder TH 82-P
Stahl Folding MachinesStahl Folding Machines
Dong Woo Wing Books Machine DW-430
GatheringMaximum Size
KTM Collating MachineKTM Collating Machine 320 x 400mm
KTM Collating Machine320 x 400mm
SDTT Collating Machine
SDTT32 Collation Machine280 x 340mm
SDTT14 Collation Machine350 x 600mm
Saddle StitchingMinimum SizeMaximum Size
Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 350Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 350 ( 8 pockets )80 x 120mm310 x 475mm
Osako saddle-stitching machine with cross stackerpockets )310 x 475mm
Model Primera C140 (Muller Martini)80 x 90mm315 x 485mm
Wire-O Bound Machine
JBI Auto Wire O-Punching MachineJBI Auto Wire-O Punching Machine EX610
Young Change Auto Wire-O MachineYoung Chang Auto Wire-O Machine
Wire-O Cutter and Patented Clinching Machine: TRC-1000
Umiko Wire-O Maker
Perfect BoundStationsMaximum Size
Fully Automatic Binder Line (Yoshino Model 120)Fully Automatic Binder Line (Yoshino-Model 120)42 Stations305 x 380mm
Fully Automatic Binder Line (Muller Martini 3001-NB 2S)Fully Automatic Binder Line (Muller Martini 3001-NB 2S) 30 Stations335 x 470mm
CasemakingMinimum SizeMaximum Size
Kolbus Casemaker DA270205 x 140mm370 x 390mm
SewingMinimum SizeMaximum Size
Aster 160 OS Sewing Machine75 x 150 mm320 x 420 mm
Muller Martini 3215 Ventura85 x 125 mm320 x 510 mm
Muller Martini 3215 MC
85 x 125 mm320 x 510 mm
HANIL Sewing Machine420 x 465 mm
JacketingMaximum SizeMinimum Size
Nishioka Automatic Jacketing MachineNishioka Automatic Jacketing Machine
HARD COVER BOOK :270 X 370MM (B4)105 X 148MM (A6)
PERFECT BINDING BOOK :210 X 297MM (A4)105 X 148MM (A6)
HARD COVER BOOK ( Bookblock Thickness) :34mm (Thickness)2.5mm(Thickness)
SOFT COVER BOOK ( Bookblock Thickness ) :30mm(Thickness)6mm(Thickness)
Hardcover BoundMinimum SizeMaximum Size
Kolbus Compact 2000Kolbus FE-904(Auto Hardcover Binding100 x 100 mm305 x 420 mm
Die-CuttingMinimum SizeMaximum Size
Asahi Carton Master AP-1060 - 6000speed 330 x 450 mm740 x 1060 mm
Asahi Carton Master AP-1060ts - 7200speed 330 x 450 mm740 x 1060 mm
Jeil Semiautomated die-cut machine950 x 670 mm
Weldotron Microperforator Shrinkwrap Machine
H-AT 9900 Shrinkwrap Machine
Shanklin Shrinkwrap Machine with Auto Corrugated Stiffener Insertion System
Pal Rapper 3000 Strethch-Wrap System
Auto Strapping Machine
Autopack Taping Machine
Busch-A/A+P (BLS)
Samsung stamping machine
Boring Machine: UCHIDA YOKO-D5
Soon-shine eyelet machine
Challenge 3 hole drilling machine
Challenge 2 hole drilling machine
Cornering machine DCM

POD or Print on Demand with digital technology is a process in which the project are printed using non traditional printing equipment to produce high quality physical copies that are in many ways comparable to the quality one would expect with traditional printing machines.  The new equipment often does not require the typical costly setup often associated with traditional printing such as offset printing.  Because of this, there is a fixed cost per copy, no matter how many copies are ordered.  This allows an order to be as small as quantity one.

While the unit price is very likely higher than what one might expect in offset printing, the average cost is lower for small print runs (due to the setup costs of offset printing)

Beyond cost, POD has other benefits such as:

  • Technical set-up is often quicker than for offset printing.  Changes are quicker as well, therefore allowing for more flexibility.
  • Produced items do not need to be kept in stock as is typical in an offset print run, therefore storage is reduced as is handling costs, and inventory costs.
  • Print only what you need.  No need to over print or hold onto unsold products.

Below is the equipment list for our Print on Demand Department.  Please click on any image to zoom on the images.

POD System ColorMax SizeQty
IridesseTM Production Press
VersantTM 80 Press
OCE Varioprint 6250 POD Digital PresserOCE Varioprint 6250 POD Digital Presser 1C420 x 297mm1
HP Indigo Press 5500HP Indigo Press 55007C420 x 297mm1
docuprintDocuPrint C22554C1
Horizon Book Binder BQ-470Horizon Book Binder BQ-4701
Pioneer-5000 G20F50 Thermal Laminating MachinePioneer-5000 G20F50 Thermal Laminating Machine1
polarPODPolar Computerized Cutter 115 EMC, 137 EMC