Professional Digital Cut Sheet Die Cutter
Digital auto sheet-fed sticker cutter DUOBLADE F


No human intervention is required after starting by stacking 1,000 sheets at once. Highly accurate, Fast and Intelligent.
Remote operation can be done by automatic mark-sensing at starting and repeating.

  • Cubic shape simple design
  • Small quantity commercial digital sticker cutting machine
  • Multi Sticker Cutting Machine not requiring separate die-cutting.
  • Large capacity tray for stacking 1000 sheets to cut all at once automatically
  • Using 2 blades for double speed. Gap between blades is electrically adjustable (30mm ~ 15mm)
  • Feeder expansion module allows longer sticker sheets up to 570 mm.
  • Wide suction belt and air brush for no-jam feeding, using strong fans, not air compressor
  • You can make super A3 size labels and stickers printed from widely spread laser toner A3 commercial printers like XEROX or even conventional offset presses.

– Product labels, fancy stickers, deco labels, name stickers, etc.

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