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Busch Punching Machine


When cutting book blocks into non standard designs, usually die cut machines are used. This however creates a non uniform stack. The Busch Punching machine can solve this issue by it’s ability to cut through multiple pages at the same time.

cl.with_counterpressureThe rectangular pre-cut stacks are pressed through the cutting die using hydraulic pressure; at the same time they are pressed against a pneumatic driven counter pressure matrix, which is located in the cutting die. The material is straightened and pressed before the much stronger hydraulic pressure overcomes the pneumatic pressure and presses the stacks through the cutting die.

The outcome is a highly precise punched result, something that cannot be achieved by other systems. The output is lower, but the system is used when extreme accuracy is required and when modern materials are punched.

Max. die-cut size330 mm x 380 mm
Min. die-cut size80 mm x 100 mm
Max. stack height
(height of cutting die 90 mm)
170 mm
Max. diameter for circular products365 mm
Die-cutting pressure11.7 kg
Die-cutting strokes max.9 p/min
Max. machine output
(for works without counter-pressure feeding 1000 sheets, label paper 80 gsm)
540.000 sheets/h